Where Do I Start?

You’ve already conquered the first step of your weight loss journey and that thought of “maybe I should look for help” is what brought you here. Now that you’re in the mind set to get results, let’s get you results.

Each of the Xtreme line of products contain an incomparable matrix of ingredients and each product works differently for each individual, but has the same overall effect, which is helping you lose weight.

All of our products are stacked with appetite suppressants, energy enhancers and detoxing effects with PH Balancers, but all are however at varying levels of strengths. Strongest will not  always be the best for you so please keep that in mind.


We always encourage our customers to detox upon starting a weight loss regimen and then continue  every 6-8 weeks to see the best results for a multitude of reasons. Our bodies can hold up to 20 pounds of mucus and toxins at one given time hindering our weight loss results. Yes, our bodies naturally cleanse itself but sometimes it is neccessary to clean out excess toxins that our bodies have accumulated over time by our unhealthy American diets, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the lifestyles we live.

Waste build up in the colon can lead to a multitude of different things including: fatigue, bloating, irritated skin, weight gain, and in some cases, health issues.

Xtreme Reboot is the go to detox supplement that may help you rid these toxins left behind. This 14 day flush can be performed every 6-8 weeks. Most customers will take this cleanse for at least 7 days before starting any weight loss regimen.


Xtreme Slim Bee Pollen is by far our top seller of all the weight loss supplements, and for good reason. It not only shows progress on the scale quick but also comes along with zero side effects, zero crashing, and zero rebound effects.

? Xtreme Slim was specifically formulated for past Zi Xiu Tang/ Slim Trim U users by our privately hired chemist!  There’s really NOTHING quite like it on the market! Xtreme Slim was custom designed to act as old supplements once did and provide results without much effort, feeling overall sense of well-being, a fresh and new approach to detoxing and is all in all a rare find. Past product users rave about Xtreme Slim Bee Pollen! See for yourself!


Xtreme Slim Bee Pollen with Added Fat Burner of BXT Burn or Xtreme Burn Fat Burner. Now that you’ve put your body through a month of balancing your mood, detoxing, and ph balancing, it’s time to add in that Xtreme Burn fat burner to help move those toxins and wastes inside your fat cells. Xtreme Burn will do just that for you all while adding to the energy factor and appetite suppression. The possibilities are endless with these 2 products, really!

Weight Loss without Caffeine

Losing weight can be done without the use of caffeine or high stimulants. Bee-Xtreme’s Xtreme Control does exactly what it’s named to do, and that is establish extreme control over your body. Xtreme Control will give you the edge you need to control your cravings and appetite without the added side effects of jitters or nausea. Xtreme Control will boost your metabolism to make sure you’re burning fat effectively in all parts of your body. Control will also give you focused energy throughout the day to be more productive while also eliminating cravings for carbs and sugars that sometimes get us distracted from our goals.

Bee-Xtreme’s Xtreme Reboot & Xtreme Zen can easily be taken by anyone. Both of these supplements indirectly effect weight loss by detoxing (Xtreme Reboot) and Reducing dangerously high stress levels that could be hindering your weight loss results. (Xtreme Zen)

Workout Junkies

XTREME INFERNO takes the best-selling thermogenic to a new level as the hardest hitting product in the XTREME™ Line of Products. Fast, fierce, and focused, this formula will redefine the way you experience energy.*

​Created for only the most experienced fitness nuts, the new formulation offers an innovative matrix of the latest raw elements used to torch fat from hiding your virtuous figure.

Inferno is a next level supplement that may help generate distinctive thermogenesis, accelerate metabolic rate, all the while amplifying your energy levels and improve your focus.

Reach your fitness and composition goals faster like never before.

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