The Fastest Way To A Bikini Body

Summer is upon us and our bodies aren’t ready for that vacation like we expected. Our last minute decision to lose 10 pounds before our beach vacation has us scrambling to find a solution to lose it, fast. Although I don’t promote overnight weight loss, we really do have a solution that is guaranteed to work but it’s going to be a strict plan. Learn how you can lose the unwanted weight before your beach trip! Our foolproof plan is guaranteed as long as protocol is followed. 


Xtreme Skinny Weight Loss Drops

The first step you need to do to get this weight off super fast is order Xtreme Skinny Weight Loss Drops. This fool proof protocol is guaranteed to help you drop 10-25 pounds in just 21 days. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? YES. 

Before ordering let’s give you a little rundown of the program. Xtreme skinny weight loss drops are taken sublingual (under the tongue) 3 times per day to help you burn up to 2000 calories a day effortlessly. Our exclusive formula is filled with all the right amino acids to get the metabolism revved up and going. 

The protocol you must follow with the drops is a little more intense though. You can’t just take these drops and do no other work. A very low calorie diet is to be done while taking Xtreme Skinny Weight Loss Drops. A 500-1000 calorie diet each day with a very specific food list is what will show you the results fast. 

Breakfast: Black coffee with sugar free creamer of choice

Lunch: 1-4 oz protein, 1 side salad, 1 cup of veggies

Dinner: 4 oz protein and one cup of veggies. 

Now this may not sound like much food. But believe me when i say these drops curb your appetite so much, you won’t even notice you’re eating so little. You may add in 2 fruit servings each day to the above as snacks and also 2 melba toast or grissini sticks. 

Following the protocol in the book, you’ll be sure to lose up to 25 pounds in 21 days.  A 36 page diet guide is sent with each order of the Xtreme Skinny drops. 

Phase 3 Xtreme Skinny Weight Loss Drops

After your 3 weeks of protocol you’ll be directed to start adding in healthy fats, but still no carbs and sugar. This is very very similar to the keto way of eating for phase 3 of the drops. 

During phase 3 week 1: you’ll increase calories up to 1000 a day adding in one food group that you’ve detoxed your body from. I personally add in cheese the first few days and of course bacon. 

Phase 3 week 2: increasing your calories a little more each day will show your body that you can now start burning the fat you’re eating for fuel. Welcome to ketosis. Your body is fully charged and ready to go. 

Phase 3 Week 3: Be sure your weight is stabilized for at least 7-10 days before adding back in low carbs like wraps and potatoes. 

Phase 4 and beyond. 

We have this planned out for you as well. A fool-proof way for you to keep the weight off, but you’ll have to join the community to get access to the file. We take keeping the weight off very seriously around here and it’s only available to our group members who are killing it day in and day out. 

Join us! 

Skinny Weight Loss Drops

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42 reviews for Skinny Weight Loss Drops

  1. Ellie Richardson

    Super fast shipping, and the product is a game changer

  2. Laura Estacio

    The drops are a game changer! I tend to do these once to twice a year to get back on track. Cleansing my system of carbs and sugars, resetting appetite and metabolism, and dropping serious pounds and inches. This round I am already down 8.5 pounds in 10 days (started loading august 3rd) The will work for you if you stick to the protocol book and you WILL SEE THE WEIGHT MELT OFF!

  3. Amber K

    I wanted to wait the 3 weeks to give an honest review of the product and especially Toni. Toni, thank you so much for your coaching services through this last 3 weeks. I honestly don’t think I could’ve got through it without your guidance and knowledge when it comes to this protocol. I am so thankful I found your company and to be able to text you anytime with questions is stellar in my opinion. I will say it started out rough. Those first 2 days on the low calories was hard for me. But I am happy to report a 22 pound loss in 21 days and I feel soooo good now. I never realized how much of an impact food had on my mental health and I am ecstatic to say that after these 3 weeks I have zero cravings for the bad stuff and I am actually craving good healthy fats going into the second week of phase 3. The community has also been a huge help and I owe my success to you all. Almost to goal with 9 more pounds to lose! I have no doubt I’ll be able to do that with the help of Slim and Burn now. Amazing supplements and I’ll scream it from the roof tops! Love this company!

  4. Kathleen

    Could not be happier with purchase. Day 12 and i’ve lost 3 inches and 16 pounds already. Protocol is easier than Dr. Simeons in my opinion. Eating between 1000-1200 calories a day. Drops are excellent for appetite control and results.

  5. Candi S

    Great product. Best drops I’ve used for low calorie protocol. 2 weeks in and 18 pounds lost.

  6. Natalie L

    Super fast shipping! I’m a week in and down 6 pounds. Had a little uneasiness the first couple days but took electrolytes as you suggested and it cleared right up. I got this!

  7. Ginger P

    Hi Toni I am doing great with drops. Started on Sept 3rd an down 10.4

  8. Susan

  9. Lynn F

    5 days into challenge and down 6.6 pounds. Love them

  10. Tina

    The skinny drops work very well… if you can stick to the protocol you will see results 🙂


    Closest to “Magic” as you’ll ever get…do you part and Viola… 🎩💫🧙‍♀️🧛‍♂️

  12. Katie Liddle

    This is my 2nd round of drops and I can’t believe the progress I’ve made. I did a short 10 day round a month ago, lost 12 pounds. I’m on week 2 of my second round and have lost an additional 14 pounds. I’m going for 21 days and can’t wait to share my results. Toni thank you so much for providing quality products and being there every step of the way through this! Your customer service is second to none.

  13. Jessica Greenwalt

    Is this real life? I asked myself at my weekly weigh in this morning. Toni, your guidance is out of this world. I decided to go with the weekly weigh in so I didn’t get discouraged. I don’t know how but I am down 14.5 pounds….in ONE week. This does include my 3 pounds loading weight. I honestly felt thinner and I managed to get through the first 3 days without too many withdrawal symptoms which is huge for me because usually I can’t make it more than 3 days with a low carb diet. Wow Wow Wow! I am a true believer after this week’s check in and I cannot wait to see where 3 weeks takes me! Thank you thank you!

  14. Angie S.

    Great for a kickstart, no matter if you’re just starting your weight loss journey or if you just got off track for a bit and need to quickly drop a “few” pounds.

  15. Sandra Roberts

    Haven’t started excited to start 3/7 sure I will be happy

  16. Ebony Reynolds

    Great appetite suppressant and provides lots of energy!!!!

  17. Brandi M.

  18. Christina M.

  19. Christina Ramos

    I am excited to try love the reviews and results shared with ladies I follow

  20. Colette

    Day 5 and down 6.8#! Toni is knowledgeable and a supportive coach! She stands behind her products!

  21. Paul J Middlemiss

    It’s easy simple and works great I lost around 10 lbs on them it’s worth getting they won’t let you down

  22. Kelly

    Every time I need to reset and lose weight quickly I always go on the drops. If I follow the plan I always lose between 9-15lbs within 10-21 days! Love it 😍

  23. Tina

    The skinny drops are amazing… whenever my eating gets out of control I do the drops to get myself back on track… you detox your body from sugar and carbs.. I usually lose around 8-10 lbs in 10 days…. if you need quick results.. try the drops

  24. Tessy Middlemiss

    Could not be more happier with my purchase! I lost 13 lbs and 6.5 inches in 13 days. My appetite was under control. The guide that comes with the drops was very easy to follow! This product is truly amazing’ I will definitely use it again💕

  25. Lisa Johnson Bergeron

    I was hesitant to believe that these skinny drops would do what Toni said they would do. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I have been on the drop for 2 weeks now, I have lost 12 pounds in these two weeks and feel AMAZING!!!

  26. Brandi M.

  27. Tammy Hubbard

    Skinny drops are wonderful and Toni helps so much. Highly recommended!

  28. Gina Rago

  29. Ebony R.


  30. Sherry Fritz

    These drops are amazing. The book that comes with them will walk you right through the program. Toni is always available for questions and answer’s quickly. I highly recommend them.

  31. Elizabeth F.

    Received promptly! The HCG drops have always helped me lose that stubborn 10 lbs….

  32. Alicia Hernandez

    I love this product it not only helps me lose weight but it also resets my hormones..i suffer with premenopausal and Pcos ..with tbis product i can actually lose weight

  33. Kelly Buist

  34. Ebony Reynolds

    Basically magic in a bottle with VLCD!!

  35. Sandra Lange

  36. Bonnie Abdo

    Used them before with good results. My husband is doing it this time so I joined him.

  37. Tameka Brown

    Thanks so much no one get my products shipped to me faster than you do 😂😂😂

  38. Bridgette Deibler

    Excellent product….fast shipping!

  39. Jennifer Senter

  40. Karie T.

    Love these!

  41. virginia patterson

    Delivery fast as usual Thank You Toni.

  42. Tiera Canton

    I was ripped off by another company claiming to have “skinny drops” and they did nothing. I was referred through a friend to you and I’m so thankful. Not only does your product work, you Toni have been an absolute God-send during this protocol. I am on day 14 with a total loss of 13 pounds and 3 inches in my waist, 0.5 inches lost on my arms, my face is thinner and my legs are considerably smaller. You definitely know your shit! 😆

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Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of Bee-Xtreme Supplements and TS Transformations her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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