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Ok so a little bit about Bee-Xtreme.  My name is Toni and I’m the madness behind this little supplement company.  I’m a licensed nurse in the state of PA and my passion is— LOSING WEIGHT WITHOUT SPENDING HOURS AT THE GYM, STARVING MYSELF, OR DRASTIC CHANGES IN DIET!

Sorry guys, this Italian girl needs her pasta!! I LOVE learning about the body and the way chemicals act inside our bodies. (more on that later) … I’m kind of nerd when it comes to science =)

5 years ago I started this business not really knowing what the heck i was getting into. All i knew is that i wanted to lose weight after i had my son and i wanted to do it as fast as i could without killing myself in a gym that I didn’t have time for with a full time job and a newborn. I wasn’t into “weight loss supplements”, I’ve heard so many “bad things” about them over the years that it kind of just turned me off. I’d rather just exercise and watch myself shrink as I always did before but I honestly didn’t have the time.

So i started doing 25-45 minute beach body workouts BUT the weight wasn’t budging. 

 So, one day my coworker introduced me to a little green and white pill that forever changed my life and changed the way i personally felt about weight loss supplements.

I lost 40 pounds in 3 months using supplements and started doing a little exercise called Zumba. I had more energy then i knew what to do with, i wasn’t gasping for air running up the steps anymore, i was eating better, i was drinking more water and i WAS HAPPY with my body for the first time in a LONG TIME!!

I wasn’t the typical “dieter”. I didn’t watch what i ate, I just knew i was eating less (my appetite was nonexistent!) I knew i NEVER IN MY LIFE LOVED WATER as much as I did when i took the pills, I knew when i got home from my 12 hour shift at the nursing home that i didn’t need to take a nap anymore cause i had energy out the wazoo, and i knew people were asking me what i was doing and i was showing them the way i lost it and they were losing too! And that’s how BeeXtreme came about! That was 5 years ago and we are still on this crazy journey!!

Fast forward 2 years….we grew like a bad weed! Some loved our capsules and others found they didn’t do a thing for them! So we sought out on a mission to build bigger and better supplements and that’s when the Xtreme line of supplements was born. Our “first born” BXT Burn is still today one of our TOP sellers and i couldn’t be more proud! ​

We are on a mission to find the top ingredients for weight loss without “a lot of work” because ….well…. I work out….. sometimes. Sometimes i have tee ball practice, work, relationships, grocery shopping, kid’s appointments, and so on and so forth, and I’m sorry but all those things will ALWAYS come before working out for me.

I do make sure i get at least 3 days a week of some sort of exercise but i am not an all day everyday type of exercise girl. I like my food and i like the little bit of exercise i do do and that’s about it!

And if i can come up with a concoction that will keep your metabolism high and losing without much effort, then darn it I’ll find it!

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So here’s the deal. We have a ton of different products with different ingredients. What’s the difference between them all? INGREDIENTS. They are all almost the same in the fact that they are

1. Thermogenic supplements that burn FAT

2. Will give you energy

​​​​​​​3. Will give you appetite suppression

4. Some make you poop and others do not

5. Women requested a Meal Replacement shake and we have the best tasting one on the market with a great value i can guarantee you that! (You won’t see this girl spending $130 on a bag of shake-o!) #sorrynotsorry

6. We have a non stimulant appetite control that can be taken with any of our supplements for extra support in weight management called Xtreme Control

7. We have supplements that will lower cortisol and stress levels by sleeping better at night called Blackout and Xtreme Zen.

8. Xtreme Slim & Xtreme Burn– our newest thermos to hit the market are freaking incredible. I seriously have to make myself eat on these ones. THESE ARE OUR TOP SELLERS AND FOR GOOD REASON!! 

10. *NEW* Xtreme Reboot– our 14 Day Cleanse & Restore will help you get out all that junk that’s stuck in your intestines and hindering your weight loss results!

Never done a cleanse before? That’s ok! Don’t be scared! This one works great without the cramping and bloating that other’s cause!

11. STRESS SUCKS!! And yes it hinders your weight loss results whether you wanna believe that or not!! Xtreme Zen indirectly works on your weight loss by relieving stress that is keeping you from feeling good!!

Through the years we’ve had quite a few supplements, but nothing like the Xtreme Line of supplements. We tested and tested some more until we found the perfect mixture of effective dosages.

We are not your one stop shop. We are always coming out with something! You can expect a new supplement from us every 3-6 months.

Why do we do this? Because people stall, plateau, stop losing as their bodies adapt to ingredients. So we need to keep mixing it up to show you fast results!

We have a pretty cool, low key weight loss support group on Facebook that we’ve had going for about 3 years now. Some days we post and some days we don’t. We have some pretty consistent women in there that “need to post” to keep themselves on track, we bitch, moan and groan to each other, we have fun, we do challenges for freebies, we laugh… A LOT and it’s a good time. Join us HERE!

Ok, enough about me!! Get on over to the Facebook page and give us a LIKE! We love seeing new faces!! If you have any questions for us, please email me and ask! I don’t bite!! If you need recommendations on what to take and how to take it, email me. I’ll be glad to help!


​​​​​​​-Toni Sweeney