Stay Fit On The go!!

​Got stairs? Check out this great on-the-go stair workout that will take you to new heights!

stair workout 

Time: 20 minutes

Equipment: A set of stairs
Secret Weapon: Doing your strength moves on an incline/decline offers muscles a new challenge and an increased calorie burn because of your constant upward movement against gravity.

Exercise                                                          Time/Reps                 
Warm-Up Jog (up and down)                         3 minutes

Set #1
Decline Shoulder Tap                                    20 (10 each side)
Pistol Squat                                                   30 (15 per leg)
Stair Run (up and down, medium pace)        3 minutes

Set #2
Rear-Foot Elevated Lunge                             30 (15 per leg)
Lava Toe Dip                                                 40 (20 per leg)
Stair Squat Jump*                                          3 minutes
*Jump up one step at a time for five steps. Walk down, repeat.

Set #3
Seated Leg Lift                                                30
Calf Raise                                                        50
Lateral Stair Climb*                                        3 minutes

*Walk laterally up the stairs: Lead with your right foot for a flight, walk down and lead with your left for a flight, and so on.)

Decline Shoulder Tap

Get into a plank position with your feet one or two steps above you and your hands on the ground underneath your shoulders. Alternately tap your shoulders with your opposite hands, keeping your core tight and minimizing trunk movement as much as possible.
Tip: As you pick up your hand, press back through your opposite heel to stabilize your hips and core.

Pistol Squat

Hold on to the stair railing next to you with one hand and face down the stairs. Extend one leg in front of you, then bend your other knee deeply, lowering into a full squat. Press through your heel and stand back to the start, using the rail for assistance, as needed. Do all reps on one leg before switching. 

Rear-Foot Elevated Lunge

Stand with your back to the stairs and extend one leg behind you, placing your toes on the first or second stair up. Bend your forward knee deeply, descending until your hip crease comes below your knee while keeping your knee over your toes. Drive through your heel to return to standing. Complete all reps on one side before switching.

Lava Toe Dip

Stand on one foot facing up the stairs and extend your other leg straight behind you. Bend your standing knee slowly, reaching your rear toes down behind you as if you are trying to dip them into hot lava. As soon as you touch down, quickly extend your leg and stand. Do all reps on one side before switching.
Tip: Hold the rail for balance, as needed.

Seated Leg Lift

​Sit with both knees bent and your feet on the first or second step down (depending on your height). Straighten one leg and lean back slightly, bracing your core. Raise your extended leg to come parallel with your bent knee, then lower it back down, touching your heel to the stairs. Do all reps on one side before switching.
Tip: To hit more inner thigh, turn your extended leg outward.

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Hey All..

There are steps you should take to starting back to the gym after a break. I know we push and we push and we push to get your butts to the gym and work yourself to death. If you’re not working out regularly and you’re going to start tomorrow on your new year’s resolution please do not push yourself to the point of puking.  75% of you will end up in injury and that injury will either set you back 6-8 weeks, completely demolish your dream of getting healthy, or worse. 

Keep in mind that you should always contact your physician prior to starting any workout regimen and/or products for weight loss, especially if you are currently taking prescription medications. 

So if you’re not a regular gym-goer start out SLOW. There is no rush to this. You won’t see results overnight. If you only get 20 minutes in tomorrow, that’s 20 minutes you weren’t doing last week. IT’S OK!! 


• reduce muscle tension, and make the body feel more relaxed
• increase the range of motion
• prevent muscle strains: a strong pre-stretched muscle resists stress better than a strong unstretched muscle
• prevent joint strains
• reduce the risk of back problems
• prepare the body for strenuous exercise
• increase ‘body awareness’
• promote circulation
• for females, reduces the severity of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea)
• increase the learning, practice, and performance of many types of skilled movements
• reduce muscular soreness



Like really, ridiculously small. It takes less than you think to challenge your body and start inspiring changes. But you should mainly start small because your biggest friend right now is: momentum. Starting small makes sticking with it more likely and will provide small wins that build confidence and add momentum. Committing to running 30 mins every day vs. running 5 mins a day will lead to more risk in not meeting your goal = giving up. 
Start small. Kick ass. Increase. Repeat.


I realize this is easier said than done but there is no way around it. You just have to do it. The more you think about it, justify it, analyze it, doubt it, want it…see, I got lost just thinking about you thinking about doing it. Refer to the other steps, but just do it. Start today…the time will pass anyway. 


The calendar app on your phone is your friend (do people even have real calendars anymore? IDK). Have you heard that unless it’s written down, it isn’t real? Well, it’s true. Schedule your workouts, meals or hike dates like they are your important meetings at work that you would NEVER MISS. Write it down, pick a time, and don’t cancel on yourself. You are someone who follows through. Don’t let yourself down. Besides, it’s easy to talk yourself out of something you just thought of doing, but it’s not so easy if it’s written down.


 Remember that momentum thing we talked about? A new morning is the perfect time for a fresh start and what better way to start it than like a WINNER. Have a badass morning routine and you will set the tone for a productive, positive day. Look at you, waking up on the right side of the bed and being a nutritional badass the rest of the day. 


Throw away everything in the kitchen that tempts you or causes you to go off track (donate it if you don’t want to waste food). Please don’t rely on will power alone, you need to preserve all you can. If you know you go crazy on peanut butter, don’t buy it and get it out of the house. Plan date nights for the next few weeks so you can avoid unhealthy dinners out and pick activities that support your focus for now. Maybe it’s time for a workout partner; when you don’t feel like it they can force you and vice versa. Tell your friends, family or social media what your goals are so you will have accountability support and then get to work. 


If your workout hiatus was less than a week, especially for those that just had a really baaaad weekend, I have a rule. When you get back on track, you have a non negotiable 72 hour period of effort regardless of progress. Here’s why: Let’s say you are in really good shape, and you have a crazy weekend. Your crazy weekend is not like most people. You eat. A LOT. Everything you craved fit into a 48 hour period can have ugly consequences. But have you ever noticed that sometimes after a cheat day you look better the next day? And maybe even the next? And then it hits you…hard. Well, the same applies to eating clean. Just because you were ‘perfect’ on Monday after a bad weekend doesn’t mean it will show Tuesday morning. 
GIVE IT 72 HOURS. Don’t sabotage yourself by getting discouraged after a day and slipping up again and having it turn into an ‘off’ week.You are still dealing with cravings from the sugar in your system and that will go away after 72 hours for most people, as will the bloating. So next time you have one of those weekends and you are ready to get back on track, you are in it for 72 hours before judging yourself, the scale or your abs. Mk? 


This is a mindset thing. It’s important to address because while the other tips are great for short term success in getting you back on track, this one will lead to long term success and happiness in your chosen lifestyle. It’s time to change the have-to’s to want-to’s for realsies. 
Old: “I have to workout to get back in shape”
New: “I want to feel great about my body again so I’m doing this”
Old: “I have to avoid all sweets and sugar”
New: “I want to see my abs again”
Because that’s why we do this isn’t it? No one wants to limit treats, but we do it because we want the feeling or results that come when we do. Focus on what you want, not what you have to do to get there. 

Eating healthy and working out is simple. 
​Don’t overcomplicate it to the point it consumes you. The people who figure out how to enjoy it and make it an abundant and replenishing part of their lives are the real winners.