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Directions: Take 1-2 capsules as needed for Stress/Anxiety Relief

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One, Two, Three

2 reviews for Xtreme Zen

  1. Jennifer Senter

    With all the stress that comes with the holidays even busy work schedules. It can get overwhelming. Why deal with the stress when you can just take two Zens and be done with stress. I took two before dealing with the crowds and I felt so calm and relaxed. No stress, just talked, and laughed way more than I normally do and it felt nice. I felt all the intense around me but It felt amazing not to feel like that. If you are always stressed, this is something you got to try.


    ZEN IS THE BOMB! SO MUCH stress in my life this past year. Leaving a job & starting a brand new one ontop of it all. This little capsule DEFINITELY kept me calm & level headed, able to focus on any task at hand. Definitely kicked that anxiety’s butt with a
    one-two punch 🥊🥊#ZenForTheWin 🏆

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