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Xtreme Sweat-FX

Taking “sweaty selfie” to the next level!



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10 reviews for Xtreme Sweat-FX

  1. Tiffany

    This product will definetly make you sweat! But in a good way, love this product!

  2. Anonymous

    You will sweat taking this product….I would advise that it’s used as it states on the bottle about 30 minutes before a workout, otherwise you will sweat ridiculously if you are not working out. Great energy boost for workouts and workouts where you will be expending a lot of energy or need long lasting energy.

  3. Brandee Z

    This product does exactly what it says with sweat. ? I love it though. Really pushes me through my workouts

  4. Angela

    This product does exactly what it says it’ll do. sweat!

  5. Jennifer Senter

  6. Anonymous

  7. Melissa Vandyke

    Love the product

  8. Ashley H

    I take sweat on the weekends to mix up my supplements. Holy Cow. Without a workout I am drenched in sweat, no appetite for hours, and have tons of energy. With a workout I am covered in 10x more sweat and flat out nasty! Love this product.

  9. Kelly

    Holy sweat!!! This product is great before my fasted workout.

  10. Kelly k

    This product gives me great energy without jitters and without shakeness and yes it makes you sweat but I in a good way

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