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Super Slim with Bee Pollen

The Ultimate Bee Pollen Formula For “Super” Fast Results!





Super Slim Bee Pollen is our “golden child”, formulated by a privately hired chemist to show results like “older bee pollen supplements” such as Oasis Bee Pollen, La’Trim Bee Pollen, Zi Xiu Tang. 

We formulated this bee pollen supplement with the customer in mind! This product is STRONG to provide you with the utmost potent appetite control, energy, and detox. 

Using a unique set of ingredients, Super Slim with Bee Pollen will have you seeing Super Fast Results in your clothes & inches without much “work” regarding diet and exercise. We do encourage a lower carb diet for even faster results and don’t forget the water! Drink at least half your body weight in ounces a day. 

Your body needs to DETOX and it can not do that without water! 

Take one capsule in the morning and a second capsule at lunch time if needed! Most people only need one capsule a day but the 2nd capsule is optional. This would be a 2 month supply if only taking one capsule a day! 

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10 Day Trial, Full Bottle, Two Bottles, Three Bottles, Super Slim w/ Burn, Super Slim w/ Lean

58 reviews for Super Slim with Bee Pollen

  1. Angie S.

    By far my favorite supplement. It really does help with appetite control.

  2. Ebony Reynolds

    Gave me loads of energy!

  3. Jennifer Senter

  4. Nikki Seelye

  5. Michelle C.

    I started taking this Monday and by Wednesday i had already lost 2lbs. Love the slim!

  6. Carrie Bruno

    I have been taking this for awhile now and have stayed at the same weight .

    • tonisweeney

      Although this isn’t a “weight loss” supplement per say, how is your appetite & energy? Are you doing anything differently besides taking a capsule to see weight loss results? i.e. diet change, 70+ ounces of water daily, exercise? If not, I’d recommend starting there. If you are and still aren’t losing, I’d recommend joining the community to get one on one help! http://www.facebook.com/groups/beextremecommunity

  7. Mareshah B.

    Loving Super Slim😍.. Shipping is super first order February 24,20 and received order February 27,20👍🏾. I started taking one super slim a day March 1,20 @ 245.6lbs and as of March 8,20 I weighed in @ 241.6lbs down 4lbs in a week👏🏾.

  8. Mareshah Ba

    Forgot to add that my appetite has been super suppress all day with only taking one super slim a day, sometimes I have to make myself eat but I’m not craving as much junk I waa. My energy has been phenomenal 🏋🏾‍♀️,. No jitters or crash and I’m finding myself sleeping better and walking up ready for the day. And the detoxing let’s just say it’s working every morning or after whenever I eat..

  9. Christina Ramos

    Not as strong as slim purple pill

  10. Sherri Gourley

    My daughter loved these, had energy, decreased appetite

  11. Pamela S.

  12. Anonymous

  13. Juanita Lamas

    I love it gives me energy i need to keep going all day

  14. stephanie.renae1983

  15. Erin Gatewood

    Very potent…totally suppresses appetite

  16. Nerissa Wagner

    This is absolutely amazing product and one I have recommended to family and friends for meeting your health and wellness goals to help give you energy and suppress your appetite while following a healthy low carb diet

  17. Jennifer Senter

  18. Maria S.

    I like this product because you still get the energy boost but not the jittery feeling.

  19. Kristi B.

  20. Brandi M.

  21. Christina B.

    Love it !!

  22. Amanda Klos

  23. Cynthia

    I just received it and took just 1 today. I tolerated well. Will keep you posted about the results

  24. Anne Abercrombie-Jubrey


  25. Susan

    Super Slim is amazing!! It’s that extra boost to my weight loss that I’ve been looking for to help me reach my goal.

  26. Janelle

    I bought this while I was already in the midst of a keto diet. Therefore, I can’t really comment on whether it’s helping with the weight loss since I’m dieting and exercising, but I can vouch for the appetite suppressant part of it. It’s truly helped with my sugar cravings and I fill up much quicker when I do eat. I will be purchasing again!

  27. Michelle C.

  28. zmbb89

    Love this!! Really helps with appetite control. I usually take the Original Slim in the morning since I find it gives me more energy and the Super slim in the afternoon for appetite control. I’m a customer for life. Thanks Toni 🙂

  29. Kelly

    I love this product. I don’t find it too strong for me, sweat a ton, and have a reduced appetite!

  30. Heather Sible

  31. Shannon B.

    Perfect amount of energy not a lot of gitters and great appetite control.

  32. Melissa Vandyke

  33. Gretchen T.

  34. Anonymous

    Just started this new strength, it definitely has a bit more of a kick, but, no complaints.

  35. Richelle

    Great energy, helps with Appetite and Helps increase water intake.

  36. Anonymous

    Excellent service! Fast Shipment and works effectively!

  37. Doreen F.

    I have not been using super slim very long but so far I like it.

  38. foulk4

    My favorite product thus far!!! I watch what I eat, which is super easy because of the appetite control. I take the Super Slim in the AM and Burn in the Afternoon and Have Thus Far Lost Almost a 1/2 Pound to a Pound Every Day.

  39. Anonymous

  40. Shannon B.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE super slim!

  41. Amber

    Love the appetite suppressant

  42. Cindy

    First day was rough so 2nd and 3rd day had to pour out some and yet i didnt lose a pound and it was not as great as Slim (black pills) I lost 30 lbs with those I ordered them and not receive sooo cant wait to get them

  43. cansas

    Gives me great energy in the a.m. and curbs my appetite

  44. DENISE Lundberg

  45. Anonymous

    Just started taking them. Still trying to adjust. They definitely curb my appetite!

  46. Nikki F.

    I really enjoy the energy and appetite suppression this pill provides. As a busy mama of two, it fits nicely into my daily routine, does not cause jitters and provides the extra motivation I need to exercise in the morning!

  47. Michelle Ramos

  48. Judy Bowling

    I have been using Slim and Burn from Bee Xtreme for 2 years. Slim is my go to supplement for weight loss and Toni is fantastic!!!

  49. Erica W.

  50. Rachael

    Great service and help, but I’m going to switch back to Slim instead.

  51. Anonymous

  52. Kristi B.

  53. Michelle C.

  54. Judy Bowling

    This is my go to supplement it gives me the energy and appetite control that I need. I love ordering from Toni, her supplements are the best!!

  55. Lyndi K.


    Awesome product

  57. susan B.

  58. Tina Prough

    I haven’t really tried it for any lenght of time yet ..I took one pill last Wednesday and got sick so I haven’t taken anymore yet.

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