Simply Skinny Pollen 2.0 Sample Pack

This product contains 10 capsules of Simply Skinny Pollen 2.0. Take 2 capsules in am with water.



The premium ingredients in Simply Skinny Pollen 2.0 are formulated to help promote:

  • Weight Loss*
  • Appetite Suppression*
  • Stimulation Of The Metabolic Process*
  • Dissolving And Flushing Out Fat*
  • Boost Energy*
  • Eliminate Cravings*
  • Release Of Toxins*
  • Clear Skin*
  • Increased Focus And Awareness*

Pollen 2.0 is the ultimate bee pollen weight loss supplement for losing those unwanted pounds and inches without counting points, measuring portions or excessive exercise.

With just two capsules daily, Pollen 2.0 will provide your body with everything it needs to lose weight quickly and effectively, reshaping your body before your very own eyes.

Pollen 2.0 is formulated using nothing but the Industry’s top premium ingredients to help provide your body with the jump start it needs to lose weight. Pollen 2.0’s benefits such as increasing your metabolism, suppressing your appetite, and eliminating nasty cravings will help you reach your weight loss goals quick!




Lecithin, a key component of bee pollen, works as a catalyst in stimulating the metabolic process. It is a key component of bile that is produced in the gall bladder to digest fat. Simply Skinny Pollen 2.0 provides the ability to dissolve and flush out existing fat on your stomach, hips, thighs and arms.


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