Resistance Loop

Resistance Loop



Black, purple, red, and pink/gray strength resistance bands are the ideal fitness tool for Crossfit, weight training, assisted pull ups, and much more. Each  strength band measures 41″ and is 3/4″ thick, with a resistance ranging from 20-70 lbs. of resistance. Strength bands are perfect for gym, home, traveling, and office use. Each loop resistance band is made from natural rubber to achieve ultimate resistance and durability. Each strength loop band comes with a lifetime warranty. All products ship in “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.”

  • 3/4″ Loop band in black
  • Natural rubber, band measures 41″ in length
  • Perfect for stretching, assisted pull ups, CrossFit and weight lifting
  • Black band provides 20-70 lbs. of resistance
  • All Products come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty *


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  • Made from 100% pure natural latex which has high elasticity, good film forming characteristics and is very flexible.
  • A great fitness equipment for flexibility and strength training, such as CrossFit, Pull Ups, Power Lifting, Body Stretching, Resistance Training and other exercises.
  • This tool makes that conundrum easy to solve — it allows you to lift only a portion on your body weight, by providing resistance in the opposite direction for a portion of your body weight. That way, you can increase the amount of weight you want to lift as you get stronger.
  • The humanized design — The length is great, and allowed you comfortable in the exercise.
  • Resistance Level: Red 15-35lbs / Black 25-65lbs