Red White & Blue Bundles


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Various Bundle Packs thrown together to show you awesome fat loss and weight loss results! Just in time for Memorial Day!

Get swimsuit ready with our red white and blue bundles!

Simply Skinny Naked

An intense formulation of ingredient that is designed to help control not only your food portions but to curb your sugar cravings. It will turbo charge your metabolism to help burn calories/fat to help you lose weight faster.

Xtreme Burn Fat Burner

Xtreme Burn is a dream product for those wanting endurance in the gym or an afternoon pick me up! It’s added appetite control makes it a must have if you’re a late night snacker! 

Xtreme Control

Xtreme Control helps you establish control over your mind, body, and hunger! That is just the beginning though. Xtreme Control also gives you focused energy during the day to be more productive while also eliminating cravings that attempt to distract you from your goals. Make weight loss easier with Xtreme Control. This non stimulant formula will keep you free from jitters! 

Charged Non Stimulant Fat Burner

Charged is scientifically formulated to work on stubborn belly fat, thunder thighs and flabby bottoms!! Charged is our nonstimulant fat burner that works!

Simply Skinny Luxe

Simply Skinny Luxe is an advanced, effective blend of premium high quality ingredients specifically designed for magnified visible weight loss. Experience what it’s like to have your body totally reshaped even without diet and exercise!

Xtreme Keto Cleanse

Your liver works hard for you. Even if you don’t drink alcohol or work amongst harsh chemicals, the toxins you inadvertently breathe, eat, drink, and even slather on your skin are a burden on your liver and this can start to take its toll on your energy and performance over time. Environmental toxins can even mess with your hormone balance and make it hard for you to lose fat.

Your liver is always filtering toxins – that’s its job. But there are some things you can do to support this process. Which brings me to one of my favorite, most targeted supplements for everyday detox: calcium-d-glucarate.

Blackout Sleep Aid & Cortisol Reducer

Blackout was formulated specifically to address sleep fatigue issues. By utilizing a powerful blend of sleep enhancing herbs it allows you to get a full night of deep, restful sleep and wake up the next day feeling completely refreshed and fully recovered. The product addresses both sleep latency and sleep continuity. This clinically designed formula will not only help you fall asleep faster, but also help you reach a full deep sleep which will result in an optimal night’s rest. Maintaining this level of deep sleep each night over a period of time will reduce cortisol levels, optimize your metabolism and allow your body sufficient time to recover to its full potential.

Xtreme Inferno

Created for only the most experienced fitness nuts, the new formulation offers an innovative matrix of the latest raw elements used to torch fat from hiding your virtuous figure.

​Xtreme Inferno is a next level supplement that may help generate distinctive thermogenesis, accelerate metabolic rate, all the while amplifying your energy levels and improve your focus.

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Xtreme Control, Charged Non Stimulant Fat Burner, & Xtreme Keto Cleanse, Simply Skinny Naked, Xtreme Burn, & Blackout Sleep Aid, Simply Skinny Luxe, Charged Non Stimulant Fat Burner & Xtreme Keto Cleanse, Simply Skinny Luxe, Xtreme Inferno Fat Burner & Blackout Sleep Aid, Xtreme Control Appetite Control, Xtreme Inferno & Xtreme Keto Cleanse, Simply Skinny Naked & Charged Non Stimulant Fat Burner


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