New Years Reset Bundle

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Do You Need Supplements To Do A Keto Reset?

A: My tried and true answer… No. You don’t. Most people ask what I use as a crutch. This bundle pack would be it.

Slim- appetite suppression and energy
Ketones- an outside source of ketones for energy, brain fuel, and to alert the body of what’s going to be going on when you reach a nutritional state of ketosis.
B-lean- digestive enzymes. If you’re coming from a carb heavy diet and transitioning to a lower carb, heavier fat diet your body may rebel against you and bless you with some bloatedness, gasiness, & constipation. B-lean digestive enzymes were designed to help break up the food so your body can use the vitamins and minerals of the food in the utmost valuable way. It also adds in a nice touch of fat burning with thermogenic effects.
Electrolytes- these are a must-have when transitioning to a ketogenic lifestyle. Transitioning to a ketogenic diet means your body will hold onto less water. Water is held in the body by carbohydrates. When you’re not eating carbs, the carbs that are being used up for energy first in the body will disperse and release water out of the body. Along with water comes much needed electrolytes as well. You need to replace those lost electrolytes to prevent things such as leg cramps, heart palpitations, headache, fatigue, etc.

(If you don’t want to use electrolytes then I recommend grabbing some over the counter Potassium, Magnesium, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt)

This Package is a 2 month supply of Slim & B-lean and 1 month supply of Ketones and Electrolytes.


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