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Elite attacks the fat in all **the right places!


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Simply Skinny ™ Elite

Simply Skinny ™ Elite is here help you lose those unwanted pounds, breaking past plateaus and assisting with destroying fat cells that have plagued you for so long. Simply Skinny ‘s ™ Elite formula for weight loss & fat loss is the ultimate in appetite suppression, helping you decide when to eat rather than giving in to food cravings associated with dieting starting from day one

 Elite attacks the right kind of fat in all the right places!

  • This POWERFUL formula helps the body secrete more norepinephrine and epinephrine; the body’s most authoritative fat burning hormones, which can amplify fat burning to a much greater degree.
  •  Elite will regulate the body’s thyroid functions, helping control the release of hormones that affect how fat, protein and carbs are used in the body.
  • This all powerful supplement, using diuretic-like agents, will decrease fluid retention and relieve bloating.
  •  Elite contains extreme lipolytic agents that are fast absorbing and helps promote long lasting focus. Elite will also provide an increased sense of well-being and energy levels that will assist with your metabolic rate to help burn fat. Elite literally melts away fat to help you achieve weight loss like no other.

This product is the strongest of both the Xtreme line and the Simply Skinny™ line. We tend to think of the Elite as a “last resort” after you’ve plateaued beyond the usual. This is a super strong supplement that provides the best results of the Simply Skinny™ line in our opinion. We recommend using this after Xtreme Slim and Burn combo or after the Simply Skinny Gold Bee Pollen product for weight loss. Elite is our top seller of the Simply Skinny™ Line.

When nothing else works turn to Elite.   

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25 reviews for Elite

  1. Carissa Queen

    AMAZING product! Keeps me full of energy all day long!!

  2. Michelle Tomboli

    Love Love Love this supplement…AMAZING appetite suppression and energy!

  3. Lori Waddell

    When 1st started using it was alittle strong for me BUT I opened the capsule, used half in whatever I was drinking, put the capsule right back together to use later in day or next day. Very CONVENIENT. Gave me great *ENERGY* *APPETITE SUPPRESSION* Could get work done, errands you name it ..done in a FLASH ⚡?

  4. Tracey

    Love this product!!

  5. Angie L Nelson

    I call this my “miracle pill”. Didn’t watch what I ate and didn’t have to exercise. Was never hungry, had to force myself to eat. Weight just fell off!

  6. Tina B.

  7. Judy Bowling

    This is the first time I’ve ordered these and have only taken them for a week but when I take one I don’t get hungry all day!

  8. Ashley K.

    Absolutely amazing! I’m down 57 lbs in about 18 months! Awesome appetite suppressant and helps you feel full fast! Love these things!

  9. Ashlenn B.

  10. Jennifer

    Works well, gives so much energy.. one of the better supplements I’ve tried.. I love this and will buy again!!! I’ve lost 10 lbs so far taking this and working.. 🙂

  11. Deb G.

    Great appetite control!

  12. Amy

    Great product for suppressing appetite and energy! Been on it for one week. I am only taking one a day instead of the 2-3 and can do IF for 16-22hours without any issues. Great product for me. Thank you

  13. Shannon Hupp

    Great appetite suppressant.

  14. Jennifer Senter

    Awesome appetite suppressant and the niacin flush is great. Elite is a go to when I feel backed up.

  15. Tonya

    I love this product it gave me energy

  16. Melissa Vandyke

    So far seems to help stay awake pucharse month supply to try longer .

  17. Melissa Vandyke

    Just started so we will see if it help but so far good .

  18. Anonymous

  19. Jennifer G.

    Love this product

  20. karen leath

    this is the best appetite suppressant I have ever taken

  21. Gloria S.

    Amazing stuff. Suppressed my appetite and gave me the perfect amount of energy. I’ve lost 22lbs in a month!

  22. Anne Abercrombie-Jubrey


  23. Doreen Frisinger

    I have used Elite for over a year and I love it, it curbs my appetite and helps me get my day started.

  24. Tracey

    I switch between products when I’m at a stall. This product is by far my favorite.

  25. Kristie Boron

    Haven’t had it that long to have benefits yet

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