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Pollen 2.0

Expertly formulated using a blend of powerful and naturally derived fat loss ingredients, and proven to increase energy levels, boost metabolism, reduce fatigue, boost mood and optimize fat burning potential, Pollen 2.0 is sure to give your weight loss goals that all-important push.





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9 reviews for Pollen 2.0

  1. Olivia T.

    As always, love these products. Got myself a few samples of the crave so far I’ve only made 1 & it was a little chalky, however i believe that was on my end of adding to much water im confident my next one will taste excellent. It definitely kept me full for a while! Simply skinny elite is fantastic as well especially when you enjoy the summer a little to much and fall off the bandwagon, excellent way to hop back on!

  2. Tiffany

    This supplement helps with my energy levels but not so much with appetite suppression. But overall, it’s not bad.

  3. Jennifer Senter

  4. Wendy Bartow

    I like these to cuz I feel the pounds falling and again I only can take one in the morning and one at noon or I get nauseous

  5. Wendy Bartow

  6. Heather S.

  7. Wendy

    Love the steady energy

  8. Anonymous

  9. Deanna C.

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