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34 reviews for Lean Digestive Enzymes + Fat Burning

  1. Carla Douglas

    B-lean is an awesome supplement! It helps to keep you regular with energy and appetite control! Love it!

  2. Lori Waddell

    Sometimes when you change your diet your body needs to catch up & in doing that you could have digestive issues. B-Lean helps make this a smooth transition…keeps things going & flowing as they should. Just one of its many benefits.

  3. Jennifer

    The digestive enzymes have helped me with my digestive issues. Awesome supplement

  4. Becky

    I love B-Lean ! Since having a hysterectomy I haven’t been able to drop any weight but alternating with Slim, Burn and B-Lean has helped me to finally start losing. I highly recommend all of these products, especially B-Lean.

  5. Cristy White

    I love, love, love this supplement! I am super sensitive to weight loss supplements, but this one gives me smooth energy all day without jitters or a crash. The best part is the fact that there are so many great ingredients. I study Herbology and there are things like Ashwagandha in this supplement that is good for overall cell, blood and brain health and those things along with the digestive enzymes help to keep me regular AND feeling great! I highly recommend B-Lean to anyone looking for an all around health supplement to support weight loss, cognitive function and digestive support!

  6. LeighAnn Colbel

    If you are currently on a diet and working out regularly this product flat out works. It will boost your slow results and help you through your progress. I started off my workout 2 months ago and saw some results in the first month, after I started taking these supplements the last month I have seen more weight loss than before in a less days. Definitely will add this again when I run out.

  7. Lori K

    Absolutely love this product. It’s like nothing I’ve ever taken before.

  8. Angela T

    This product has been a huge help with my bathroom issues since starting keto. The sweat effect is great too but I don’t experience every day. I can feel them working and my belatedness has gone away since starting these.

  9. Adam Kenslil

    Since day 1, even pill 1, I IMMEDIATELY noticed a beneficial effect, so these pills definitely have potency, are robust, and immediately effective.

  10. David S

    This stuff is a godsend! I take it before breakfast and lunch and my digestive health has improved incredibly. I used to eat antacids like they were candy, and stool softeners to keep me regular. After lowering my intake of simple carbs and taking these probiotics regularly, I am having much better quality of life. They’ve even helped me lose some weight. Thank-you.

  11. Angie P

    A ketogenic diet must have if you’re having bathroom issues like me. I noticed a huge difference in just one day. Love this capsule!

  12. Tiffany B.

    I’ve been taking these for quite awhile, really helps my gut issues!

  13. Jennifer Senter

  14. Amy Wolfe

    Love this stuff!

  15. Maria S.

    Provides lots of energy and focus and not a lot of the jittery feeling.

  16. Tina

    I love Lean, I take it every other day faithfully…. it keeps my digestive system moving 🤪

  17. Casey S.

    These work great for me! I take them daily!

  18. Ebony

    A gentle energy boost! Not jittery, great appetite suppressant!

  19. Erin Gatewood

  20. Shannon B.

    These are not as strong as the Slim but don’t give any gitters or stomach ache.

  21. Nikki Seelye

  22. Jennifer Senter

  23. Kristie Boron

  24. Jennifer Senter

  25. Becky

    These and the slim are the only supplements that actually help me lose weight! Since I had a hysterectomy i haven’t been able to lose weight no matter what I do until I found these! Thank you Toni!

  26. Julie

    Favorite product!

  27. DENISE Lundberg

    love it 😊

  28. Jennifer Senter

  29. Yuritzi

    It definitely helps me go to the bathroom and be regular. I typically suffer from constipation but since I started taking this Lean it has helped me a lot to go to the bathroom on a daily basis.

  30. Cristy White

    I should have written this review LONG ago, because I may be Lean’s biggest fan 😀 I refuse to be without this supplement and I am an Herbologist, so I tend to make a lot of my own capsules. There is so much good stuff in here! The digestive enzymes are something I used to buy separately, but now I don’t need to! Same with a couple of the herbs, like Ashwagandha to stabilize my mood and dandelion root to help clean my liver and gallbladder. This combo is beyond amazing and delivers a smooth burst of get-up-and-go that doesn’t leave me jittery!. I usually end up taking another one later in the day for that mid-afternoon slump and with the fact that it curbs my appetite helps, so I don’t reach for something sweet. If you only buy one thing, make it Lean, because I feel like it covers all of the bases for what we need in a day!

  31. Jennifer Senter

  32. rosemary panighetti

  33. kelly

    Great non jittery energy and I feel ot helps keep things moving

  34. Deb

    First time order with this…stay tuned!

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