Do you REALLY want to lose weight?? 

Over the past several years I have helped literally thousands of people reach their weight loss goals. People come to BeeXtreme because well, I’m a small company, I’m a nurse, I work one on one with my people, and we have supplements that work! And if I DON’T have the supplement i think would work for you then i’ll point you in the direction of the THOUSANDS of other supplements that are out there. I’m not here to make a sale. I’m here to help you get healthy. I don’t care what you are taking, if you need help, contact me! 

With that being said— when i get a message that says “This and this didn’t work for me” I want to be blunt and up front and honest and ask — “what did you do other than taking a pill”?? The most common answer i get it is — “oh, i exercised, and followed a 1200 calorie plan” … OK GREAT…now send me your workout schedule and screen shots of your eating plan on your app. —- “UMMMM, WELL I JUST KEPT TRACK IN MY HEAD”. I don’t think so. Sorry to sound so negative but i’ve been there done that. 

I am here for you to get SERIOUS about your weight loss. When you are serious, let’s chat!! Here’s a few pointers: 

1. Mindset— YOU CANNOT TAKE A PILL AND EXPECT TO LOSE JUST FROM TAKING A PILL! You need to do other work besides taking a supplement. A supplement is just that– SUPPLEMENTS your body in some way. Whether that be increasing your metabolism, helping curb your appetite, helping you burn fat during your workout, etc etc. 

Sure, you may lose a few pounds by just taking a pill but guess what– once you stop it’s gonna come back. BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING OTHER THAN JUST TAKING A PILL. 

You need to get in the mindset that you have a goal in mind, you need to do this and this and this to get there. Nothing will get in your way of your goal. Set goals! Set limits!! and DEVELOP A PLAN OF ACTION!!! 

2. Workouts— Whether it is just 15 minutes a day or 2 hours a day– YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!! Fat burners assist our bodies of getting all that junk that’s contained inside our cells, out of the cell. Does that make sense? 
For example— driving a car— the key makes the car start. NOW, it takes you to put that car in drive and go. Same with a fat burner. The pill will pull that junk out of the cell, and it’s up to YOU  what gets done with that junk. It could just hang out in your body OR YOU COULD DO SOME SWEATING AND MAKE IT EXIT THE BODY. If you don’t sweat that crap out it’s just gonna find it’s way back inside those cells. WE NEVER LOSE FAT CELLS, UNLESS YOU GET LIPOSUCTION!! Those cells will ALWAYS be in your body. It’s up to you whether they get filled back up or not! Don’t let it happen. Again, it’s a lifestyle change!!

           Don’t know where to start with your exercise plan? Follow our 60 day plan here!! 

3. Water— Water is CRUCIAL!! to your diet plan! Why? Because it acts as a mobilizer to help you pull that junk out of your body. Yes, it will flush that waste from your body!! 

** It’s important part of all body functions and processes including digestion and elimination. 
** Water helps you eat less food. It helps you feel full. 
** It provides hydration without added calories. 

4. Diet— If you’re not following a diet plan, just forget it. Seriously, i don’t want your money. YOU ARE NOT LETTING THESE SUPPLEMENTS WORK TO THEIR FULL ABILITY AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE!!
A diet doesn’t have to be as bad as most people make them out to be!! You just have to know what foods to eat and what foods to limit! And if you “can’t” follow a plan— YOU’RE JUST MAKING AN EXCUSE. Everyone can follow a diet plan if they really want to see results and learn how to keep it off. With that being said– people are losing 4-6 pounds a week with Beextreme’s Way to Weight Loss Guide and our supplements. NOT EVEN JOKING. And what “diet” let’s you eat bacon for every stinking meal!? Now this plan is not a heart healthy plan. For those with high blood pressure i wouldn’t recommend this one. BUT we are working on a plan just for you!! It’s almost done. Bare with me.  


Go get your detox– THROTTLE— with your BXT BURN AND EXTREME POLLEN for now and GET MOVING!! 

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Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of Bee-Xtreme Supplements and TS Transformations her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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