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Better Than Zi Xiu Tang….

It’s no surprise I STILL get questioned about where to find Zi Xiu Tang these days and honestly I don’t think it will ever stop. The reason those capsules are still are your mind is because they “worked like magic” for some folks. But, in all reality they only “worked” from special batches of illegal ingredients that were mixed in
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Keto at Starbucks? We got you covered.

1.Starbucks Keto Americano Tall Caffe Americano Coffee -Served in Venti Cup with ice(Add yourself: heavy cream cinnamon, nutmeg, Stevia)2. Americano with Skinny mocha sauce and heavy cream3. Pink Drink – Keto –Passion Iced Tea -Sugar free vanilla syrup -heavy whipping cream -ice4. Grande Expresso Coffee – over ice -Heavy whipping cream -2 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup5. Keto Frappuccino  -Almond
Fastest way to weight loss

The Fastest Way To A Bikini Body

Summer is upon us and our bodies aren’t ready for that vacation like we expected. Our last minute decision to lose 10 pounds before our beach vacation has us scrambling to find a solution to lose it, fast. Although I don’t promote overnight weight loss, we really do have a solution that is guaranteed to work but it’s going to
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How Do I know If I’m Dehydrated?

Dehydrationis a serious health concern — especially during the summer. Here are a fewsymptoms to be aware of. By Gabrielle Frank German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in the news today after she was seen visiblyshaking while in sunny Berlin. According to NBC News,she later stated that she hadn’t drunk enough water. It was reportedly82-degrees Fahrenheit in Germany, and Merkel seemed to recover
Don't Be Upset by the results you didn't get because of the work you didn't do

Don’t Be Upset By The Results You Didn’t Get From The Work You Didn’t Do.

It’s so easy to gaze out at other people’s lives and careers and feel resentful, jealous or just plain defeated. So easy to make justifications for your unwillingness to take action (“I’m busy…. I’ve got kids… I’ll start on Monday…) So easy to do nothing at all. That’s fine. Do nothing if that’s what suits you. But if you are
Life After Keto

Life After The Keto Diet…

A REAL truth about weight loss: maintaining your goal weight is actually harder than getting to that goal weight. It’s hard to lose weight, but lots of people manage that part with Bee-Xtreme plans and programs.  Where they stumble is keeping that weight off: they slowly slide back into their old eating habits after they hit their goal weight and
Can You Live Without Carbs

Can You Live Without Carbs?

The more you know!……There’s 2 arguments I hear against the ketogenic diet…. first is that the brain burns 600 calories per day which equates to 150g of glucose  and the second is that no one can follow a ketogenic diet long term.  Peer Reviewed Journals In peer reviewed journals for the last 50 years, the arguments about safety and sustainability of the ketogenic