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Why my scale sucks and so does yours

Why My Scale Sucks and So Does Yours!

A week into the new year and already feeling a little down I “only” lost 5 pounds. The idea of “constantly” weighing ourselves has been pushed deep in the brain thinking this is the only measure of success that we should worry about. Well, let me just tell you a little secret, it’s the WORST measurement of success. It’s a
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The Dangers of Maltodextrin with the Keto Way of Eating

-MALTODEXTRIN- THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL FOR KETO GOERS! Look over the food labels of many of your packaged foods and you may notice a very common ingredient called maltodextrin. This artificially produced white powder is often used in our everyday foods, like yogurt, sauces and salad dressings, sometimes without us even realizing it. The truth is that maltodextrin can be considered
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Keto Without Veggies? Sure. Here’s why it should NOT be done!

I have to tell you… sometimes I cringe when I see some responses on threads in some of these “keto” groups on facebook. It literally makes my bones shake when I think about how misinformed some people get when it comes to the ketogenic diet. I’m not saying one person knows all, I’m not. But, as a nurse I had
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Keto VS Low Carb. What’s The Difference?

The Keto Diet VS Low Carb. What’s the Difference?I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the difference between a ketogenic lifestyle and a low carb lifestyle. Customers want to know what is the big difference between the two? Which one is best for you to do? My answer: It all really depends on your goals!I think it’s a great
Keto approved broccoli salad

Keto Approved Broccoli Salad

Don’t you hate when you have to scroll through 1000 words to get to the recipe? Me too. Let’s not do that.  I do have to say— this is one of my favorite summer recipes! This keto broccoli salad is my go-to for summer side dishes and is quite amazing!  Join the community for more recipes Ingredients: 1 head broccoliMild cheddar
CBD Oil & Keto

CBD Oil & Keto Diets

Keto Diets and CBD oil are kind of like Peanut Butter and Jelly for me personally. Combining this style of eating and this oil together can be downright miraculous for the body systems as a whole.There are many therapeutic benefits of the ketogenic diet including treating obesity, diabetes type 2, epilepsy, lowering cholesterol and heart disease and so on. There
5 Genius Ways To Add More Fat To Your Diet

5 Genius Ways To Add More Fat To Your Keto Diet

5 Genius Ways to Add More Fat on a Ketogenic DietOne of the most common mistakes I see people make when starting out on a keto diet is not consuming enough fats! People have become accustomed over the years to fear this macronutrient, and the keto diet calls for them to fuel the body with it, almost entirely.You might think
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Weekly Keto Meal Plan

More Weekly Plans Available In The Bee-Xtreme Community