Bee Xtreme Bee Pollen Is Now TS Transformations Inc

Bee-Xtreme Bee Pollen Is Now TS Tranformations Inc.

That’s right! We’re much more than bee pollen weight loss!

Dear Bee-Xtreme Customers,

We are super proud to announce the upcoming launch of our new website, company name and logo as part of the ongoing evolution of Bee-Xtreme! A few years ago we
started considering new ways for our customers to see both short and long term success when it’s comes to weight loss and health. Through multiple coaching certificates,
trainings, and seminars all over the country, I, Toni Sweeney, took a vow to nurture people along the scary path to massive lifestyle change. The things I ask of my clients are
not the same old things you’ve heard before. Those things didn’t work for long term success.

The first step involved updating our image. Bee-Xtreme is a company known for “bee pollen” supplements. We know it takes so much more than bee pollen to see long term
success. We’ve studied many more ground breaking ingredients throughout the years that serve a much better purpose for this metabolic process of change to take place
inside your cellular temple.

I, Toni Sweeney, am totally and utterly confident that I can get to the bottom of your metabolic woes in a few short weeks. I will work with you to dramatically dial in your
appetite, cravings, your mood, energy and your sleeping patterns along with your waistline and that darn scale!

Over the past 7 years, Bee-Xtreme has grown and become a leader in the weight loss industry with our incomparable supplements and programs. We’re entering new markets
as we expand and will continue to serve our customers with the best services and supplements we can possibly offer. We’re continuing to innovate new products which are
taking the industry by storm. Let it be known they we are not done yet!
As we transform, the services and supplements we’ll offer will transform as well. As new and innovative ingredients come into play, you bet we will have them! We are always
TRANSFORMING and growing into something bigger so we wanted our logo and our brand to reflect that evolutionary transformation.

We redesigned our logo to reflect who
we are today and to symbolize our dynamic and unswerving commitment to the industry and our customers. As always, TS Transformations Inc. appreciates your loyalty and
will continue striving to deliver the best products and support to help you on your journey to health.

Toni Sweeney
President and CEO
TS Transformations Inc. |

Check out our new site coming soon!

A Hidden Gem Inside Round Island Falls in Pennsylvania

As part of my Primal Health 21 day challenge we have going on currently, a task was done earlier this week where you will take one day over the weekend and get outside and enjoy time with your family away from modern age cell phones and electronics. I started researching waterfalls nearby DuBois Pennsylvania as I’ve heard of several others finding these hidden gems close by but never ventured myself. After speaking to my friend Rachel, it was decided that 3 Rivers Run was the perfect spot to get away from life for a few hours and enjoy each other’s company.  

Where is Three Falls on Round Island Run?

If you haven’t seen this hidden gem of a waterfall deep in the Sproul State Forrest in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, take a break with your family this weekend and head 20 miles southeast of Medix Hotel in Weedville Pennsylvania. The short hike is a breathtaking drive through the country and easily accessible in the summer and fall months in Pennsylvania. Round Island trail is located in a remote western corner of Clinton County Pennsylvania. I at first mistakenly thought this was part of the nearby Quehanna Wild Area but now am finding it’s a few miles northeast of that. 


Directions to Round Island Run, 3 Rivers Waterfall in Pennsylvania

We ventured out on Sunday, September 15th from DuBois Pennsylvania and decided not to take interstate 80 but to enjoy the drive through the Moshannon Valley State Forest. Follow PA-255 N/E out of Dubois about 19 miles. 

You’ll take a slight right onto PA-555 (Driftwood) towards Medix Run Road/Quehanna HIghway. Stay on PA-555 about 7 miles passing Wapiti Woods until you reach the great Medix Hotel (Medix Hotel will be on the right hand side). 

Turn right onto Medix Run Rd/Quehanna Highway and continue about 16 miles. Enjoy the view and screen shot these directions as service is pretty sketchy in this area. 

You will then turn Left onto 3 Rivers Run Road and follow this road out about 8.8 miles. Relax and enjoy the scenery and keep your eye open for wildlife. We passed these two Elk bulls on the way and it was such a sight to see right next to your vehicle. 

Elk at Round Island Falls Pa

You may feel lost inside this vast area of woods but I assure you you’re on the right path to the falls. 

3 Runs road comes to an intersection and becomes Dutchman Road. Stay straight through the intersection and hold onto to the “oh shit” bars as the road becomes very bumpy for a short period. 

Continue on Dutchman Rd for about 3 miles. Make a left onto Round Island Road. 

Along this road you will pass a few camp sites. You’ll see a sign for Merry Lane and continue on for about a half mile. 

Keep a look out for Liberty bell camp on the left and know you’re almost there. 

There is a sign that blends in pretty well that says “Round Island Falls Trail” on the left. When you see the sign, you may want to pull ahead and turn around and park near the trail entrance. 

Round Island Falls Trail

The trail is pretty worn in this time of year from the travelers throughout the summer so you shouldn’t have any issues finding it. Grab a walking stick as the rocks can be pretty slick getting down to the falls. You’ll walk approximately a mile in the woods before you stumble across the rope that is tied to several trees down over an embankment to get to the falls themselves. We ran into several people who brought their dogs to play in the water. 

Round Island Falls Pennsylvania
Round Island Falls

Beyond The Falls

After we took part in some splashing in the water on this hot fall day, we decided to venture past the falls about a half mile. We ran into an older couple exploring the mountain and were on their way back up. They told us to not waste our time as there wasn’t much more to see on the downside so we decided to turn around and head back to the truck! I hope you take advantage of this post and go see this beauty for yourself! 

The water is only “trickeling” right now but they say the best time to see the falls is after a fresh rain or in the springtime when all the snow is melting on the mountain! 

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Can You Live Without Carbs

Can You Live Without Carbs?

The more you know!……

There’s 2 arguments I hear against the ketogenic diet…. first is that the brain burns 600 calories per day which equates to 150g of glucose 🧠 and the second is that no one can follow a ketogenic diet long term.



Peer Reviewed Journals


In peer reviewed journals for the last 50 years, the arguments about safety and sustainability of the ketogenic diet have been proven WRONG!

Multiple times 👨🏾‍🔬 Ketones whether produced from stored fat or dietary fat provide an alternative energy source to the body, including the brain!

They have beneficial effects on the heart, ❤️ the kidneys and have shown a glycogen sparing effect in the muscles 💪🏼 
Ketones are a cleaner burning energy, they produce less free radicals compared to glucose 🍡 and function as cellular signals to activate longevity genes and battle oxidative stress and inflammation 🔥


Keto – Adapted

When you are Keto-adapted the need for glucose is dramatically reduced. The only cells that are primarily glycolytic (because the lack mitochondria) are the red blood cells 💉, parts of the kidney and the epithelial cells that cover the lens of your eye 👁 even for fast twitch muscle fibers they can recycle lactate back to glucose….. hello heavy weights 🏋🏼‍♀️


Did you know your two VERY important organs… your brain and your heart PREFER ketones? In the KetoCares trial the heart even stopped lighting up on the Post PET scan…… because it was using ketones!! 😱🤩😱🤩 

So where does your glucose come from if you ate zero carbs? Amino acids from muscle, amino acids from dietary protein 🥩, glycerol from your fat, lactate and pyruvate recycling ⚗️ and acetone 🔥 if you add up these numbers it equates to 100-200g of glucose your body can make 👩🏼‍⚕️ plus any carbs you eat 🥬


I’m not arguing about calories people…. I’m arguing for optimal metabolic health! Remember 88% of North America is metabolically broken 😭 You decide 🙋🏼‍♀️ In the face of adequate protein and fat…. carbs are not necessary 🤟🏼

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Don't Be Upset by the results you didn't get because of the work you didn't do

Don’t Be Upset By The Results You Didn’t Get From The Work You Didn’t Do.

It’s so easy to gaze out at other people’s lives and careers and feel resentful, jealous or just plain defeated.

So easy to make justifications for your unwillingness to take action (“I’m busy…. I’ve got kids… I’ll start on Monday…)

So easy to do nothing at all.

That’s fine. Do nothing if that’s what suits you.

But if you are choosing to do nothing…

Don’t be mad about the results you didn’t earn from the work you didn’t do.

I was that girl — stuck and frustrated girl — for years and it brought me zero satisfaction — just a whole mess of jealousy and tons of regret over missed opportunities.

That’s no way to move through this short, precious life that we’re given.

See something you want?

Don’t be jealous.

Be driven.

Choose to make it happen.

Put in the time, sweat and courage.

Be your own white knight.

Do the work.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) feels better than savoring a personal triumph… a huge breakthrough… a new business… a new body… a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… a heightened level of confidence and inner strength that can never be taken away… looking back on all of the hard, messy and beautiful work that you did to create it, and knowing, without a doubt,

“I earned it.”

Make the change.
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