About Us


My name is Toni and I’m the madness behind this crazy little supplement company, Bee-Xtreme™LLC. We started this journey back in 2012 with a supplement called Zi Xiu Tang and we’ve been on a mission since!! On a mission to help others achieve their weight loss/fitness goals through proper use of weight loss supplements, diet, and exercise and we’ve grown into a 100,000+ Community! 

Established 5 years ago, Bee-Xtreme™ set out on a mission to change lives, one pound at a time. Through the years and many products, we have finally established a line of supplements we feel great about. Not only for weight loss, but general health supplements as well such as whey protein for muscle building, detox supplements, energy and appetite control and pre-workout.

Steve Jobs once said “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”….

Bee-Xtreme™’s mission was not set in place to “change the world”, but our mission is to change how the world views the supplement industry. Great successes in life do not come overnight. Great successes come from trial and error and trial and error again. By the time our products are ready for sale they’ve been tasted and tested countless times for the perfect flavor, the right amount of energy, and most importantly, RESULTS.

Some supplements may take a month or two while others can take up to a year to perfect to our liking. So the next time you open the cupboard and see a bottle of Xtreme Slim sitting there, know that it’s the highest quality supplement you’ll ever put in your body. I wouldn’t expect anything less when investing in my body so I don’t expect you all to expect anything less for yourselves. You deserve the best and here at Bee-Xtreme we give you what you deserve!

Practice what we preach

At Bee-Xtreme™ we just don’t make our products, we use them. From sales reps to customer service, everyone is committed to bettering ourselves and leading healthier lives through the use of our supplements. I know your frustrations first hand when it comes to supplements. I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years on wasted products. I know what it’s like to browse the web for the “just the right supplement” to only be kept wondering what is and isn’t worth the money. Too many products are filled with junk and fillers and not enough effective dosages to  deliver results. You won’t find that here at Bee-Xtreme™.

Play hard, work harder

While my day may be filled with formulations, phone calls, and motherhood I still find time to work on me. I’m still a regular person. I’ve been known to cheat on diet days, I absolutely hate leg day and cardio, and I may even enjoy an evening of a few cold drinks now and then. But I work hard to put nothing but the best in your hands because that’s what my customers deserve.

Here at Bee-Xtreme™ we are working hard to establish a stand alone supplement line in the industry. We are not some fly by night company filled with gimmicks and empty promises. We base our business on the best we can be and hoping to deter you from buying a brand of crap supplements that sketchy companies push on people through gimmicky advertising. We base our supplements on REAL PEOPLE|REAL RESULTS. If you use our supplements without success, just know that not everyone is the same and we all work differently depending on starting point, goals, and efforts. We want to find the right supplement for you so give us a call and let us know what’s going on and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction. We want our customers happy, healthy, and satisfied.

We are building our community, one day at a time, one pound lost a time. BeeXtreme Community was established in 2016 and has grown at a slower pace, which is ok with me. As a licensed nurse and certified personal trainer, I love the fact that the community gets my one on one support. Not every single diet works with every disease. Not every exercise can be done by a healthy person or a person with a disability. I work hard for my customers so they see results. Once you become a Bee-Xtreme™ customer you leave as family. No other company out there offers what we do when it comes to heart. Join us today to get started on your journey.


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