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Amazing #meatless Monday Keto foods!

We get asked a lot about vegetarian keto recipes, so we decided to create this roundup of recipes to get you started.  These recipes are all meatless, but do make use of eggs and dairy products 1. Vegetarian Greek Collard Wraps This vegetarian Greek inspired veggie wrap is full of

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Keto Struggles

Keto Struggles Debunked!

Studies have proven that low-carb diets are the most effective tool for losing excess body fat. Despite that, it’s not uncommon for many people to hit a weight loss plateau with low carb diets. By weight loss plateau, I mean the frustration someone feels when they start concentrating on the

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Sugar Free Creamer Breaking A Fast

Does Sugar Free Creamer Break A Fast?

There is so much conflicting information on the web as to whether this or that will “break your fast” so I’ve decided to take it upon myself and test some of our favorite morning drinks to see just exactly what it does to our body! What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent

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keto diet app

Keto Apps Compared

 Have you ever wanted to compare different Keto apps? There are so many apps out there it can be confusing to try and understand them all. I thought it might be helpful to compare and contrast the major Keto apps in one spot so that you could see what is

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Keto Cycling with Bee-Xtreme
Weight Loss

Keto Cycling. Have Your Cake & Eat It Too?

Some people have an “opinion” about keto-cycling because like anything else in life, their allowed to! I say if it works for you then why the hell not? As a certified Keto Coach, I’m always pushing people to “try” the keto way of eating because of the health benefits I’ve

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