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I get asked this question—- a lot. I feel the need to explain this in lamen’s terms so that the regular consumer can understand the difference between BeeXtreme supplements and Zi Xiu Tang. ( or Slim Trim U, ZXT Gold, Infinity bee pollen, ZXT Bee Pollen, etc) 

First off– let me say this— it has been 3 years…3 YEARS…. since these products were taken off the market and i still have people to this day asking me about them. As one of my friends stated ” it’s like opening up a bad wound. It’s like someone asking how an ex boyfriend is. It’s like a bad relationship, stop asking about my ex”  Yes, insane, I know. Do you know why people still think about these capsules? 

💥 1. They worked like magic. 
💥 2. They required no effort on your part to work. 
💥 3. You could eat whatever you wanted and still lose weight
💥 4. They contained an illegal ingredient that made you have “addictive-like” behaviors to the capsules and to the results of the capsule. (hmmm betcha didn’t know that? — just found this out myself!) 

In my weight loss group (BeeXtreme Community) I had a woman ask me this question last night. I feel like I kind of went off on her though. Was I out of line? Maybe. But my mouth tends to shoot off sometimes. Here is my response: 

” I have a love/hate relationship with the question– for a few different reasons– u may get a book here– just saying lol. 

1. None of our supplements are China made. So in that sense. None are like the old bee pollen. 

2. None contain illegal hidden ingredients– so in that sense not like the old bee pollen. 
^^this one makes me mad. Makes me mad as a consumer, as a nurse, and as a distributor of the product. Did the bee pollen contain something illegal? Yes. I truly believe it did, now. Had you asked me that when it first was taken off the market i may have had a different response. The reasoning I do believe they did now is for the fact that people are now relying on a pill to drop the weight for them. Did I see that pill work miracles? Yes. Absolutely. Did I see it do more good than harm? Yes again. But that doesn’t disguise the fact that it DID contain something illegal. Something the manufacturer wasn’t telling you was in there was in there! Do you how damaging that could’ve been?? 

People don’t seem to care though. All they know or care about is that “it worked without effort” and they “lost weight without trying” and that’s all they care about. That scares me. I see people “giving up” because they don’t see instant results with just taking a pill and that makes me angry. 

We shouldn’t give up on a goal because we aren’t putting 100% into it. Ever. 

Me — myself– included in this. Yes weight loss was easy with that pill. You drank water and that’s about that. You could eat McDonald’s 3 x a day and still lose weight. Great, right? Wrong. What do you take away from that? What do you do when there is no more pill to do the work for you? You put weight back on. 

If you guys haven’t figured this out by now this is a lifestyle change. It’s a Rollercoaster. We all go through it. 

And @tracy please don’t take this being pointed at you. Lol! It’s all of us in all sense. You’re just the lucky one who asked the question today. Lol 

I started this business to help people not hurt them. Sibutramine is a very bad drug. (What was found in the old bee pollen) It’s addicting, it’s considered a class 4 narcotic, it causes heart attacks, strokes, and so on and so forth. Yes I would’ve considered myself a drug dealer knowing what I know now. And this is why we will not carry China products. It also contained a prescription laxative — that could hurt you if taken long term. 

As for China supplements …you will not find them here. 

However– USA made supplements with a little bit of work, work wonders. And that’s the way it should be. You need to learn what to do so when you stop taking this pill you are able to maintain a healthy weight without capsules and a healthy life.  

As we get older it gets harder. More and more needs to to change day in and day out. That’s just the way age works. 

If you’re looking for that energy, appetite suppression, and detox that the old Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen delivered then we would highly suggest trying Xtreme Slim Bee Pollen. 

Don’t get me wrong…I loved the China stuff too. I felt good on them. I lost weight super fast and I learned I can drink water. Cause I never did before I started taking those pills. 

Then when they were taken away I learned that the garbage I was putting in my mouth was contributing to my weight gain. Then I learned if I took 15 minutes out of my day to plan ahead and get a short workout in that I could maintain that weight loss. And If I stopped then I may show some gain on the scale. 

So I’m sorry if this sounds harsh. I don’t mean for it to sound bad. I was just as mad as you when they were taken off the market. I think the fda has an agenda — they want us all to be overweight and unhealthy so our medical bills skyrocket and we need more and more prescription drugs. I may need another hour to rant on that!! 

If ur looking for the closest thing– I’d have to say if I could mix Xtreme Slim with surge and bxt burn that would give you the old bee pollen effects lol but Xtreme Slim I think is pretty darn close to it in its entirety. 

We’ve added senna to the slim so it will be even more like the old pollen. But my goal here was to find something that we could all use and see results quick without harming anyone. It’s a process and our pills have gotten better and better since the very first extreme pollen. We are trying to find that replica and darn it that is my mission.”

We were told that there was only a scant amount of Sibutramine found in these capsules. When sibutramine was prescribed, it was prescribed in 10 and 15 mg capsules. We were told Zi Xiu Tang contained less than 1 mg. IF IT WORKED IN SUCH SMALL DOSES as we all know it worked well– (for some, not at all) WHY DOESN’T THE FDA PUT IT BACK ON THE MARKET IN SMALLER DOSAGES? 

Is it really because they don’t get their “piece of the pie” from dietary supplements or is it because they want us to be overweight and on prescription meds so that we use our health insurance more and our med script programs more? Then i see and read rants regarding the amount of antibiotics and steroids in our meats. The amount of unconsumable things in our food THAT THE FDA IS ALLOWING. It seriously makes me sick! Why do they pick and choose what subjects to be stricter on? Is it because we all eat and need food to survive but not supplements? Is it becuase food is taxable and supplements aren’t? 


Either way— we here at Bee-Xtreme will continue to develop supplements until we find a healthy alternative to the original bee pollen. And like i said before– Xtreme Slim comes pretty darn close! Just ask our customers! 



set goals and smash them this year! our 3 step plan to get you reaching your goals. 

One goal is all it takes to bring meaningful change to your life. Here’s your action plan to get started.
When it comes to Lululemon leggings or upbeat songs on your workout playlist, you can’t have too many. But when you’re setting intentions for the New year, one big idea may be just right. Channeling your efforts into one single ambition whether it be volunteering or planning a trip- helps you tackle it head on. Changes are easier to make when you’re not overwhelmed at the start. If you pick one idea you’ll stay energized and be more likely to follow through. That’s not saying you can’t improve in other areas of your life. A great effect has a domino effect. So, taking that intensive cooking class means you’ll be whipping up dinners in no time and hey that means saving money on take out too! Single out the dream you want to pursue this year, and make it happen with this 3-step game plan.
Step 1
Find the one. Take a minute to reflect on what change would have a big impact on your fulfillment in the coming year. What would have made your life even more awesome last year? What accomplishment would bring you closer to a future you envision for yourself? At the same time, be realistic.
Seek out inspiration
Pinpoint the right thing to commit to can take time and it isn’t always obvious. Feel stuck? Scroll through your Instagram feed to jog your memory about what you wanted, enjoyed, or missed most last year. Or put together a Pinterest board of images that inspire you.
Set Priorities
To ensure you’re thinking broadly create a pie chart divided into 4 areas that matter most to you. For example: relationships, health, career, giving back. Pick one ambition for each then choose the one you’re most drawn to. Or go for the goal you can’t wait to start. A sense of urgency is motivating.
Get specific

Vague intentions (work out more, spend less) generally don’t get you too far. Instead, determine your target whether it’s training for a marathon or saving for a down payment on a house.
Say it out loud
Part of embracing your goal is sharing it with others. Tell at least 2 people about your goal. Going public creates a level of accountability.
Step 2 Spring into Action

Tap the excitement about your newly chosen mission and start strategizing. The key to following through on any goal is mapping out a clear and simple plan. Break your plan down into mini goals and accomplish one at a time.
Each phase should have a deadline attached to keep you moving forward. If you want stronger abs this year, start by mastering one new core strengthening move every 2 weeks.  Remove any obstacles from your way. The easier it is to make progress, the more often you will. So pick the Pilates studio closest to your home or set up automatic transfers to a saving account. This eliminates excuses. Just get into the mindset and leave the excuses behind.
Get a jumpstart
Many aspirations fall apart for lack of planning. Do some prep work now to ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running. Research classes you want to take, set up accounts, or write your intentions down to make yourself accountable.
Make it social

You’ve already shared your pursuits with friends, family or others who would encourage you. Even better if you have a buddy who will participate with you. Find out if anyone in your network is interested in something like yours.
If you’re looking for motivation to keep you going with your health and fitness goals, join “BXT Community” on Facebook and join in our challenges.
Track your progress

Apps like GoalOnTrack, Mint, and Tipyourself help you stick to the schedule and chart your accomplishments. Visual records let you see how far you’ve come so you have the stamina to keep going. 

Go the distance

Once you have momentum built up make it last. When you reach a mini goal celebrate it. Your brain releases feel good dopamine in response to successes and rewards, so absorbing your wins gives you a mental boost as well.
Anticipate hurdles
Deviating from your schedule can make it hard to stay on track. Be mindful of the times when this is particularly common like special occasions, holidays, and vacations and plan ahead. That might be as simple as offering to bring a veggie dish to a party or booking a trip early to avoid price hikes.
Learn from set backs
Studies show that athletes who display self-compassion often perform better because they can tolerate losses. It’s the same with goals. See failures as learning experiences not character faults. Then decide the reason behind your slip up. Were you bored with your routine? Switch it up. Remember to be kind to yourself and don’t lose sight of the fact that ambition is meant to make you feel great.   

Uncover the REAL reason you want to lose weight! (It’s Not What You Think!)

By: Elizabeth Walling
So you want to lose 10 pounds. Or 20. Or 30. Or whatever. The amount of weight you want to lose really isn’t the important thing here (although it probably seems like the most important thing in the world sometimes–especially in those two minutes after you step off the scale in the morning). What I want to talk about today are  your reasons to lose weight. The REAL reasons, not the surface level reasons we rattle off to ourselves every day.

You see, we all have reasons for wanting to trim of a few pounds or fit into a smaller pair of jeans. Sometimes we just don’t realize what they are. And we don’t realize that how these reasons can actually steal the joy of living away from us–even if they seem like “positive” reasons at first glance.
We want to believe that losing some weight will change our lives. We tell ourselves that when we finally lose X amount of pounds, it will make XYZ happen. So instead of focusing on making XYZ happen, we put all our time, energy and passion into the X number on the scale–sometimes to the detriment of XYZ and other important areas of our lives.

Here are some of the top reasons people normally say they want to lose weight:

  • I want to feel fit and healthy.
  • I want to be confident in myself.
  • I want to be respected.
  • I want to be appreciated.
  • I want to be loved.
  • I want to wear clothes I love.
  • I want to get a better job.

Honestly, these all sound pretty great. But when you add weight into the equation, the water starts to get muddy. Because here’s what you’re REALLY thinking:

  • When I lose 10 lbs, I’ll feel fit and healthy.
  • When I lose 10 lbs, I’ll be confident in myself.
  • When I lose 10 lbs, I’ll be respected.
  • When I lose 10 lbs, I’ll be appreciated.
  • When I lose 10 lbs, I’ll be loved.
  • When I lose 10 lbs, I’ll wear clothes I love.
  • When I lose 10 lbs, I’ll get a better job.

And after a while, it actually starts to sound like this:

  • If I don’t lose 10 lbs, then I CAN’T feel fit and healthy.
  • If I don’t lose 10 lbs, then I CAN’T be confident in myself.
  • If I don’t lose 10 lbs, then I CAN’T be respected.
  • If I don’t lose 10 lbs, then I CAN’T be appreciated.
  • If I don’t lose 10 lbs, then I CAN’T be loved.
  • If I don’t lose 10 lbs, then I CAN’T wear clothes I love.
  • If I don’t lose 10 lbs, then I CAN’T get a better job.

All the sudden you’ve turned a few positive aspirations into a BIG and OVERWHELMING blockade in your life. You feel trapped by your weight. It feels like you can’t enjoy any part of your life until you see X number on the scale. Feelings of self-loathing, stress, and panic are right around the corner. You start feeling obsessed about what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising. You binge because you’re starving and you starve yourself because you binge. It’s a vicious cycle that goes around and around… all because of all the things you tell yourself you CAN’T do UNTIL you lose the weight.
It’s time to unravel this mess and separate your weight from everything else you want in life. It’s a simple process, but these thought patterns can be hard habits to break.
Let’s go back to our original list of reasons to lose weight:

  • I want to feel fit and healthy.
  • I want to be confident in myself.
  • I want to be respected.
  • I want to be appreciated.
  • I want to be loved.
  • I want to wear clothes I love.
  • I want to get a better job.

Now, instead of connecting all of these to a goal of losing X number of pounds, keep them separate.

For instance, how might you feel fit and healthy right now, regardless of your weight? Is eating out a lot making you feel sluggish? Are you stuck at a desk all day, and doing a few sets of squats or pushups throughout the day might help you feel more energized? Are you getting enough sleep to feel focused during the day? These are all areas you can examine and improve–making changes in these areas might in fact lead to a little weight loss, or it might not. But it can sure make you feel better either way.

One important thing: losing weight does NOT guarantee you’ll reach any of these goals. There are plenty of people who are thinner than you who don’t feel confident or loved or respected, who have jobs they hate, or feel like they can’t find clothes that look good on their bodies. These issues aren’t tied to weight alone–they have a lot more to do with the way you think about yourself and your life.

​The important thing here is to remember not to allow your reasons and goals in life to be tied solely to your weight–as if that number on the scale determines the joy you can have in life. It’s not true. You can be miserable and thin (trust me) and you can be overweight and happy (also trust me). Weight is a piece of the puzzle, sure, but it’s just one piece. Don’t let everything hinge on it.