The lemonade Detox Diet. 

The Lemon Diet, also known as the master cleanse, is a diet resulting in rapid weight loss over a period of several days to about a week. Lemons being rich in antioxidants and vitamins, helps to detox the body. Thus, it is very important to introduce citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, oranges and kiwi in your daily diet.

Things needed:

  • Spring water
  • Grade B maple syrup
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Cayenne pepper sea salt

​Instructions:1. Lemon diet should be followed on a clear schedule. This diet is not suitable for a vacation or during a hectic period. Thus it should be undertaken in a relaxed manner, preferably at home or close to home.
2. Mix 12-14 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper and 12-14 tablespoons of maple syrup in 2 litres of water. This mixture is enough to last for the whole day.
3. Keep sipping small amounts of this mixture during the day whenever you feel hunger pangs. The mixture can be followed with plain water, if necessary.

7 things that will happen to your body by doing #planks daily! 

Bodyweight exercises are becoming huge in the fitness world because of their simplicity and practicality. Planks are one of the best and most effective bodyweight exercises. Planks require a small amount of time to perform them and give you the best results in short span of time. So we’re challenging you to start doing planks every day. It’s a great way to get a full body workout. Plan exercises strengthen your core and support your spine.
Here’s what will happen to your body if you start doing planks every day:
1. Your core definition will be improved and abdominal muscles will be strengthened
Planks are great for strengthening all abdominal muscles, engaging all major core muscle groups: transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominus, the external oblique muscle, and the glutes. If you strengthen these muscle groups you will notice:
Transverse abdominis: increased ability to lift heavier weights.
Rectus adbominis: improved sports performance, especially jumping. This muscle group is also responsible for giving you the six pack look.
Oblique muscles: improved capacity for stable side-bending and waist-twisting.
Glutes: a supported back and a strong, shaped butt.

2. The risk of injury in the back and spine will be decreased
Doing planks can help you to build muscle without putting too much pressure on your spine or hips. According to the American Council on Exercise, doing planks regularly reduces back pain and ensures a strong support for your entire back.
3. Your Metabolism Will Get a Boost
Doing planks every day will help you burn more calories than any other abdominal exercise. Your abdominal muscles will strengthen and you’ll burn more energy. If you start doing your planks before going to work, they’ll help you enhance your metabolic rate.
4. You’ll Improve Your Balance
Planks lead to strong abdominal muscles and strong abdominal muscles mean more balance. Doing side planks and ordinary planks will help you improve your performance in any other sporting activity.
5. You’ll Improve Your Posture
Doing plank can help you stand up straight and have a stable posture. Strengthening your core with planks will lead to having proper posture because the muscles in your abdomen have an effect on your shoulders, neck, chest and back.
6. You’ll Become More Flexible
Doing planks every day will stretch your posterior muscle groups, hamstrings, arches of your feet and toes. Doing your planks every day will make you more flexible than ever.
7. You’ll Improve Your Mental Health
Doing planks stretch the muscles that contribute to tension and stress. Planks will calm your brain, fight your anxieties and depression. Start doing planks every day and experience all these amazing mental benefits!
To achieve the great results you need only 5 minutes a day doing the plank exercises.
Here are some of the best plank exercises for strengthening all abdominal muscle groups:
(woman’s daily mag)

A head start: What do healthy people do on their lunch breaks?

Start taking your lunch break seriously! A lot of us don’t and if you do these few simple tricks, it will make your lunch break and your day much more enjoyable! 

Research shows an astonishing 65 percent of working Americans tend to eat lunch at their desks, in front of screens. Or worse, many sometimes skip the meal altogether.
It’s time to stop wasting that precious time and make it work for you instead.  Not only are lunchtime habits healthier, breaks are also linked with boosts in overall productivity. How’s that for a little motivation? 

1. Actually take a lunch break! 

Busy work schedules and demanding jobs leave us torn between taking a break and not taking a break. It’s the law that you take a break during the day. You’ll get an energy boost if you get up out of that office and stretch, grab a quick bite to eat, and it will help you refocus! For those of us who don’t get a chance to sit down, take it! Leave the floor of your busy unit, sit in a quiet environment and regroup. Not only will you feel better but your productivity will increase. 

2. Prepare your lunches beforehand.

It’s easy to order office pizza with the other gals. But what is that doing for your diet 5 days a week? Then, on top of eating high carb, high calorie lunches– all that sugar will give you a little spike in energy for about 10 minutes and can leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy! 

Pick a day over the weekend and make up your lunches for the week. If you’re a salad person, put together a salad inside of a canning jar to keep it fresh! Make one for each day of the week! (minus the dressing) Salads will stay fresh and crispy like you made it that morning! 

3. Before eating your lunch, why not get a quick walk or workout in? 

Some people only have a half hour for lunch. Others have an hour. Get up, stretch, throw on some sneakers and head out for some fresh air! A brisk walk will keep your metabolism up and give you that energy to get through the rest of your day. The fresh air will help clear your head and you will focus more when you get back to work with more energy! 

4. Eat organic or local grown food

I love to eat fresh fish and homegrown vegetables for lunch. I feel this combo of lean protein and nutritious veggies gives me energy and stamina for the rest of the day without weighing me down or making me sleepy.

​5. Turn last night’s leftovers into your lunch

I’m a huge fan of enjoying leftovers. With an active toddler running around and running my business, there isn’t much time to prepare my own lunch. I make a point to make extra food when I cook dinner the night before. Then I simply portion leftovers into glass containers that we can enjoy the next day.

​6. Don’t forget about the water!! 

​I know i lose track of how much i drink during the day. Head on over to the water bottle section of the site and order yourself a cute little bottle to help you keep track! Aim for 90 ounces of water a day if you’re a woman and 120 ounces for a man. If you’re working out always remember to stay hydrated!​

Do you REALLY want to lose weight?? 

Over the past several years I have helped literally thousands of people reach their weight loss goals. People come to BeeXtreme because well, I’m a small company, I’m a nurse, I work one on one with my people, and we have supplements that work! And if I DON’T have the supplement i think would work for you then i’ll point you in the direction of the THOUSANDS of other supplements that are out there. I’m not here to make a sale. I’m here to help you get healthy. I don’t care what you are taking, if you need help, contact me! 

With that being said— when i get a message that says “This and this didn’t work for me” I want to be blunt and up front and honest and ask — “what did you do other than taking a pill”?? The most common answer i get it is — “oh, i exercised, and followed a 1200 calorie plan” … OK GREAT…now send me your workout schedule and screen shots of your eating plan on your app. —- “UMMMM, WELL I JUST KEPT TRACK IN MY HEAD”. I don’t think so. Sorry to sound so negative but i’ve been there done that. 

I am here for you to get SERIOUS about your weight loss. When you are serious, let’s chat!! Here’s a few pointers: 

1. Mindset— YOU CANNOT TAKE A PILL AND EXPECT TO LOSE JUST FROM TAKING A PILL! You need to do other work besides taking a supplement. A supplement is just that– SUPPLEMENTS your body in some way. Whether that be increasing your metabolism, helping curb your appetite, helping you burn fat during your workout, etc etc. 

Sure, you may lose a few pounds by just taking a pill but guess what– once you stop it’s gonna come back. BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING OTHER THAN JUST TAKING A PILL. 

You need to get in the mindset that you have a goal in mind, you need to do this and this and this to get there. Nothing will get in your way of your goal. Set goals! Set limits!! and DEVELOP A PLAN OF ACTION!!! 

2. Workouts— Whether it is just 15 minutes a day or 2 hours a day– YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!! Fat burners assist our bodies of getting all that junk that’s contained inside our cells, out of the cell. Does that make sense? 
For example— driving a car— the key makes the car start. NOW, it takes you to put that car in drive and go. Same with a fat burner. The pill will pull that junk out of the cell, and it’s up to YOU  what gets done with that junk. It could just hang out in your body OR YOU COULD DO SOME SWEATING AND MAKE IT EXIT THE BODY. If you don’t sweat that crap out it’s just gonna find it’s way back inside those cells. WE NEVER LOSE FAT CELLS, UNLESS YOU GET LIPOSUCTION!! Those cells will ALWAYS be in your body. It’s up to you whether they get filled back up or not! Don’t let it happen. Again, it’s a lifestyle change!!

           Don’t know where to start with your exercise plan? Follow our 60 day plan here!! 

3. Water— Water is CRUCIAL!! to your diet plan! Why? Because it acts as a mobilizer to help you pull that junk out of your body. Yes, it will flush that waste from your body!! 

** It’s important part of all body functions and processes including digestion and elimination. 
** Water helps you eat less food. It helps you feel full. 
** It provides hydration without added calories. 

4. Diet— If you’re not following a diet plan, just forget it. Seriously, i don’t want your money. YOU ARE NOT LETTING THESE SUPPLEMENTS WORK TO THEIR FULL ABILITY AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE!!
A diet doesn’t have to be as bad as most people make them out to be!! You just have to know what foods to eat and what foods to limit! And if you “can’t” follow a plan— YOU’RE JUST MAKING AN EXCUSE. Everyone can follow a diet plan if they really want to see results and learn how to keep it off. With that being said– people are losing 4-6 pounds a week with Beextreme’s Way to Weight Loss Guide and our supplements. NOT EVEN JOKING. And what “diet” let’s you eat bacon for every stinking meal!? Now this plan is not a heart healthy plan. For those with high blood pressure i wouldn’t recommend this one. BUT we are working on a plan just for you!! It’s almost done. Bare with me.  


Go get your detox– THROTTLE— with your BXT BURN AND EXTREME POLLEN for now and GET MOVING!! 

Benefits of #resistance training

—Helps with everyday tasks. Stronger muscles will assist with the most basic of activities, from carrying heavy bags to bending down to lift things.

—The feel good factor. Exercise not only boosts your physical heath but your mental health as well.

—Lower body weight training affects your entire body and helps posture and structural imbalances. Your feet and calves have the taskof supporting the entire upper body. Lower body imbalances can negatively affect the whole body.
For example, a weaker interior portion of the calf can cause the knees to bend inward or internally rotate, and alter your stance and walking pattern. Exercise can remove these weaknesses and improve alignment of the spine.

—Training also helps prevent injuries in daily activities and sport. The reason for most injuries is due to weak stabilizer muscles. Training helps strengthen joints, ligaments and connective tissue. It also improves the bodies’ range of motion, which means you can jump higher and run faster. 

—Helps manage chronic health conditions, such as obesity, heart disease and nagging back pains.

—Helps develop stronger bones and joints by increasing bone density and reducing the risk of diseases, such as osteoporosis.

—Increases calorie burn and heart rate. This is a great post-workout advantage.

—Increases the bodies BMR (base metabolic rate). This causes the body to burn more calories when not in the gym, greatly facilitating weight loss.

—Lowers blood pressure – one workout can lower blood pressure for up to 15 hours!

–Boosts alertness, attention and focus. This is because strength training increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain