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Bee-Xtreme Results

Bee-Xtreme Results

I love Toni, Bee-Xtreme products, and the community group. The support received from Toni and the people of the community are phenomenal!

Eating and Products

I have followed the eating guidelines from Toni on both the drops and KETO along with switching between the Skinny Drops (lost 21 pounds doing the drops), B-lean Xtreme, Burn & Slim combo, and the Sweat FX and from April until August I have lost seven pounds but look at the inches lost!

Lifestyle Change

Learning how to switch up the products, do different exercises, and be guided through the process has helped me with my success! I am motivated and inspired by the people of this group who have helped me in my journey, especially Toni! You will not be disappointed with this group or with Toni’s products … just try them and join us in the group community for non-judgmental support, great products, advice, guidance, motivation, inspiration, and SO much more!!

Kim S.

BeeExtreme Results

After my second baby I’ve felt disgusted with myself, I had gotten pregnant about a year after a shoulder surgery that felt like it took forever to recover from (I gained 23 pounds).

Tried Dieting

I’ve tried diet changing but it was hard and I had almost no motivation! My mom has been friends with Toni for quite a few years so I decided to give it a try!

Products Used

I started out with the new Sweat FX, I wasn’t a huge fan of the sweating itself but the pounds dropped in just 10 day was amazing! Just a couple ounces shy of 10 pounds, thats right in just 10 days! I then decided to try doing kept which has helped me maintain the weight off. Ladies and gents give them try, if you have little or no luck just ask Toni for advice, she is truly amazing at what she does and is making me not only believe in myself again but making me love myself again! Thank you so much!

Shania L.

Beeextreme results

Years ago, I lost 67 pounds by my wedding day. For almost 4.5 years after that day, I never saw that weight again. While I didnt gain it all back, between tons of moves and having a baby, I put back on a little over 30 pounds of the weight I lost.

Tried Dieting

No matter what I tried to do, it never would come back off. My sister recommended trying the bee extreme products and between the the slim/burn and a round of drops, I can say I have been able to get back down to wedding day weight…..EVEN ONE POUND LESS…which is a weight i haven’t seen in probably over 10 years! I still have a ways to go, but i highly recommend trying the bee extreme products. They DO work!

Rebecca M.

Xtreme Line of Supplements

Great if you’re sluggish, have no motivation or desire in “trying”, find yourself mindless eating, suffer from slow metabolism, can’t lose weight due to aging, disease, or just slow metabolism

Not To Brag, But….

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Certified Keto Coach at your beck and call for whatever questions, whenever! We take this stuff seriously!

Bee-Xtreme Community

A community of complete strangers turning into friends turning into family. That’s what Bee-Xtreme is all about. Join others who, like you, have struggled and succeeded!